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Below are the results of the Bonus Ball Lotto winners for those lucky enough to have their number drawn out. Those who are Members of the Phoenix Club II are continually warmly thanked for their generosity and support of the Club, in general.

From the funds raised for the refurbishment of the Clubhouse and its fixtures and furnishings, 26 new bucket seat chairs have been recently purchased and will be arriving in February.

Thank you all.


  Day Date No. Name   Amount  
January 2018              
  Wed. 3rd 44 Barry Langford   15.00  
  Sat. 6th 50 Unallocated      
  Wed. 10th 45 Geoff Edmunds   15.00  
  Sat. 13th 5 Roger Mortimore   15.00  
        Judy Langford   15.00  
  Wed. 17th 46 Unallocated      
  Sat. 20th 47 David Edmunds   15.00  
        Steve Westley   15.00  
  Wed. 24th 5 Roger Mortimore   15.00  
        Judy Langford   15.00  
  Sat. 27th 16 Peter Waughman   15.00  
  Wed. 31st 18 Christopher Dix   15.00  

August’s Phoenix Club II results

Lotto Bonus Ball winners

Below are the Lotto Bonus ball winners for the month of August, each receiving £15.  Click on the previous months entries for details about joining this.


Day Date No. Name Amount
August 2016
Wed. 3rd 5 Roger Mortimore and 15.00
Judy Langford 15.00
Sat. 6th 8 Colin Sellar 15.00
Wed. 10th 39 Andrew Smith 15.00
Sat. 13th 38 Paddy Clewer and 15.00
Bob Symes 15.00
Wed. 17th 55 Unallocated
Sat. 20th 17 David Kennell 15.00
Wed. 24th 1 Allison Kelsey 15.00
Sat. 27th 8 Colin Sellar 15.00
Wed. 31st 50 Unallocated

Phoenix Club II – Lotto Bonus Ball winners – May 2016

May’s Lotto Ball winners and a Message from Robin

Despite the large number of unallocated winning numbers this month the K.C.C. Management Committee are anxious that it continues.
There are currently seventeen unallocated numbers with the additional being 50-59 numbers since October 2015. It would be great if these numbers could be allocated before the end of the current cricket season, but we shall have to wait and see.
The Management Committee would like to thank you all for your continued support of this fundraising scheme, which, although extremely useful, could be better. The below is a message from Robin Sellar who administers the Club:

For the benefit of those members of the Club not currently contributing to the Phoenix Club II, it was started on the 1st July, 2007, to raise funds for the rebuilding of the new Kenilworth Cricket Club clubhouse after the disastrous fire at the Club. Since August, 2013, the new building has been fully financed, of which the Phoenix Club II contributed £10,100 in just over six years.

The Management Committee of the Kenilworth Cricket Club decided to continue the Phoenix Club II to raise funds, which will be ring-fenced, for future external and internal maintenance, refurbishment of fixtures and fittings, new equipment and possible expansion of the building.

The Phoenix Club II is based on the number of the bonus ball of the National Lottery’s Lotto draw on Wednesday and Saturday of each week, and each member who holds the randomly allotted number of the bonus ball drawn in the two Lotto draws each week will win the £15 prize. It does not cost a fortune to join the Phoenix Club II, just 58 pence per draw, paid by a banker’s standing order of £5 per month payable a month in advance.

Over the past 55 plus years, Kenilworth Cricket Club has gone through a vast change. From changing in wooden huts, without electricity and showers, and renting the ground to what we have today, owning our field with superb facilities. All this has been achieved by the hard work of past, and some currently elderly, members. It is hoped that the spirit of the past will continue at Kenilworth Cricket Club by both current and new members so that everyone can enjoy the facilities in the future.

One way of continuing the spirit of the past is, of course, to join the Phoenix Club II and help to maintain and possibly improve the facilities which we already enjoy, by contacting to Robin Sellar, 5 Villiers Road, Kenilworth, CV8 2JB, or e-mail it to

It is appreciated that the playing of cricket, especially at club level, is expensive but I feel sure that if members were asked to purchase a raffle ticket twice a week for a cheap bottle of wine, they would do so, therefore why not join the Phoenix Club II? Membership is not confined to Cricket Club members. Anybody over 18 years of age can join, it does not cost a fortune, and it will help Kenilworth Cricket Club to continue to provide first class facilities.

Anyway, on to the May winners of the Lotto Bonus Ball:
Day Date No. Name Amount
May 2016
Wed. 4th – 22 – Unallocated
Sat. 7th – 28 – Malcolm Lines 15.00
Wed. 11th – 53 – Unallocated
Sat. 14th – 16 – Peter Waughman 15.00
Wed. 18th – 59 – Unallocated
Sat. 21st – 46 – Unallocated
Wed. 25th – 16 – Peter Waughman 15.00
Sat. 28th – 59 – Unallocated

Phoenix Club II news

Phoenix Club II

Should you subscribe to the Phoenix Club II – Robin Sellar, who administers it, is currently unavailable to pop around to deliver or post the cheques to the bi weekly winners (that he normally does so quickly after each draw) as  he is currently in hospital.

The Phoenix Club II is noting the bonus ball numbers and those cheques will be despatched as soon as Robin makes a full recovery and is back on his feet.
In the meantime, please bear with us and wish Robin all the best at this time.


April’s Phoenix Club II Lotto Bonus Ball results

The Lotto Bonus Ball winners are……………………..

The Phoenix Club II has a monthly membership subscription of £5 for at least 8 draws a month. That’s less than two pints of beer or two glasses of wine!

It is a Lotto based draw at the club where people are allocated a number and win £15 if their number is the Lotto bonus ball in the twice weekly Lotto draws.

The proceeds from the Phoenix Club II have been put towards the fire appeal in the past but now continues to support the maintenance and refurbishment of the club house.

To enquire about joining, email Robin Sellar at

Show your support of the Club by joining the Phoenix Club II.

Below are April’s winners. Thanks to those who continue their membership of this worthy cause.

Hope you are lucky enough to have your bonus ball plucked out in May.

Fingers crossed!

Day Date No. Name Amount
April 2016
Sat. 2nd 15 Unallocated
Wed. 6th 5 Roger Mortimore and Judy Langford 15.00 each
Sat. 9th 18 Christopher Dix 15.00
Wed. 13th 21 Joe Courts 15.00
Sat. 16th 54 Unallocated
Wed. 20th 28 Malcolm Lines 15.00
Sat. 23rd 24 Robin O’Connell and Julie Parker 15.00 each
Wed. 27th 28 Malcolm Lines 15.00
Sat. 30th 31 Barbara Mortimore 15.00