Junior / Youth Cricket at Kenilworth CC




Indoor group cricket coaching 2022

Indoor cricket coaching is continuing at Whitley Academy in Coventry this term (January to March) on Tuesday evenings for those in Year 2 upwards.  There are three hour long group sessions between 5pm and 8pm.  If your child is interested in attending please contact Jane on 07787 343056 who can advise if the club has a space at one of the sessions for your child’s age group.

Outdoor group cricket coaching 2022

Outdoor group cricket coaching will take place again in 2022 at Kenilworth CC, Warwick Road, Kenilworth, CV8 1FE.  We very much hope you will register your son/daughter in due course. 

Group Coaching Times and Cost

Monday evening coaching (starting Monday 4th April 2022 to Monday 25th July 2022)

Year 10 to Year 12                         Hardball Coaching                       6.30pm-7.45pm          Cost: £85 per child

Tuesday evening coaching (starting Tuesday 26th April 2022 to Tuesday 16th August 2022 (excluding Tuesday 31st May))

Mixed courses

Reception to Year 4                All Softball Coaching                           5.15pm-6.10pm           Cost: £50 per child

Year 3 to Year 6                      Softball and Hardball Coaching          6.15pm-7.10pm            Cost: £85 per child

Year 7 to Year 10                    Hardball Coaching                               7.15pm-8.15pm           Cost: £85 per child

Girls only

Year 2 to Year 6                      Softball (coached with ECB Dynamos) 6.15pm-7.10pm         Cost: £50 per child

Year 6 +                                  Hardball Coaching                                7.15pm-8.15pm         Cost: £85 per child

Sunday morning coaching (starting Sunday 24th April to Sunday 31st July 2022 excluding Sunday 10th July)

Year 2 to Year 6 (Mixed)       Softball (coached with ECB Dynamos)   9am-10am                Cost: £50 per child

If your child is in Year 2 and is new to cricket please sign up to Sunday morning All Stars and not Sunday morning Dynamos.    

Sunday morning coaching (starting Sunday 8th May to Sunday 26th June 2022)

Reception to Year 3 (Mixed)     Softball All Stars                                    9.15am-10.00am      Cost: £50 per child

All Stars is an introductory course for those new to cricket.  If your child is in Year 3 and has already participated in two seasons of All Stars then Sunday morning Dynamos is likely to be a more appropriate course for them.

Please note that the club expects a parent/guardian to stay at the club and be onsite whilst your child is playing in a match or participating in any training session.

Sessions are cancelled in inclement weather.  There are no refunds for missed or cancelled sessions.

How to register


If you are new to Kenilworth CC and not already signed up to Teamer linked to Kenilworth CC please sign up (using your child’s name and your e-mail address and mobile) using the link below.


Please then wait for your registration to be approved by the administrator. 

Once on Teamer please go to Docs and complete the registration form and return it to jkthomas@talktalk.net and advise which session or sessions you are signing your child up to.  You will then be sent a payment link.

The club uses Teamer to send out communications to parents.  That includes weather related notifications in the event the club has to cancel a session due to inclement weather.  If you sign up to the Push notifications through the Teamer App your phone will “ping” when a communication is sent.

Club Facilities

The club will be open at the times our sessions are scheduled.  Both male, female and disabled toilets are in the clubhouse. 


Our coaches for the 2022 season split over our various sessions will be Alan Dabbs, Marco Higgins, Greg Beaufoy, Steve Kelley, Peter Huxford and Jane Thomas.  

First Aid

In the unfortunate event first aid is required a basic first aid kit will be on the field of play and the club asks that the parents of the injured child spring into action first.  All the Club’s coaches are qualified first aiders but it is better for all concerned if parents administer first aid.  Coaches are always there to support if needs be.

Welfare Officer

The Club’s Welfare Officer is Stephen Kelley.  His contact details are on the youth noticeboard in the clubhouse if needed.


If attending a softball session and your child has a bat please bring it with you for them to use at the coaching session.    

If attending a hardball session please ensure your child brings all their protective equipment – box/abdominal guard, helmet, pads, wooden bat and gloves as a minimum.

Games/Team entries

Types of games our U9 to U17 juniors play

Pairs cricket is 8-a-side and batsman bat in pairs for four (or two) overs each losing runs if they are out.  All playing bowl.  Games are either 16 overs or 8 overs per innings.

11-a-side cricket is real cricket rules for the older age groups and games are 20 overs a side,

Any queries please contact Jane on 07787 343056, jkthomas@talktalk.net


Jane Thomas, KCC Youth Administrator