Annual Food Safety Inspection

5 star !!

The Club had its annual Food Safety Inspection this week (06.02.2018)  by the Council.

The Clubhouse, its kitchen  facilities, the bar and the bar storeroom were all inspected.

The Senior Food Safety Inspector from the Health & Community Protection Department at Warwick District Council rated the Club as 5 out of 5 (its second year running).

This is a great achievement for the Club and many thanks, in particular, must go to Joan (and George, of course), Hannah and the bar teams, for the superb efforts that they do at the Club all year round to ensure that we are complying with all the food regulations in maintaining the kitchen and the bar in such a fine way and clean environment.

It also shows to those who privately hire our facilities what we can offer and proves that we are a clean and healthy venue worthy of hires.

Your efforts have been rewarded.

WELL DONE and many, many thanks.

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