Club Award for the late Alan Davies

Clubman of the Year


The late Alan Davies was awarded the Club’s Walter Wightman Clubman of the Year for the 2017 season at its recent Annual General Meeting.

Sadly, Alan died unexpectedly post-season.

The Award is presented to a person for their involvement in the behind the scenes efforts and for all their hard work throughout the year that often goes unnoticed or is just taken for granted by others.

Alan spent many hours of his time on the ground helping out and was a familiar face at the Club, often seen mowing the outfield, assisting with the rolling on the cricket squares and wickets, as well as assisting on match days ensuring everything was set up  ready to go for the players. He  was also part of the small team of ground staff who were awarded  the Geoff Calcott Trophy by the Warwickshire Cricket Groundsman Association during the season for the fabulous wickets prepared and overall presentation of the Ground. He would also help out in the cricketing nets, especially for the benefit of the younger members and players. He was a devoted Club member.

Geoff Edmunds, the Club Chairman, said:

“This award is well deserved for everything that Alan did around the Club and for the many hours he spent helping out. He was invaluable, committed and well liked by everyone. I still think Alan will walk through the doors of the Club asking what he can do to next. He will be sorely missed. This is the Club’s appreciation  for everything Alan did down at the Club and a measure of our thanks to him.”

Alan’s award was received by the Club Chairman  from fellow Committee Member and Treasurer, Jonathan Cousins, on behalf of Alan’s wife, Jan. 

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