Death of Vice President member and former Player

Brian Hughes

It is with great sadness that I have been informed by his daughter, that Brian Hughes, a Vice President Member and former Player, died on May 20th.

He was living in Norfolk in recent years.

He was Deputy Head of Abbey High School in Kenilworth (whilst I and several Club members of my generation were at school there). We called him ‘Boz’. A great bloke but scary to us kids!

It is just over 50 years since he and his family moved to Kenilworth where he quickly became a member of Kenilworth Cricket Club, playing many matches for Club over a number of years and became a Club Stalwart. By all accounts he was a vicious in swinging and pacy bowler in his day.

Cricket was a lifelong interest of his and I am told he was still watching cricket on the TV shortly before he died.

I know that several ‘older’ members will know Brian well, some even worked with him. I have his daughter’s email address, if needed.

I have asked for details of his funeral which I will send out in due course.

I have passed on the Club’s condolences and thoughts to Brian’s family at this sad and difficult time for them.


Andy Smith
Hon. Secretary
Kenilworth Cricket Club

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