Kenilworth Cricket Club are very pleased to advise that a defibrillator has now been installed at our Ground in the event of it ever being needed to give someone urgent medical assistance following them suffering a sudden cardiac arrest at the Ground or in the nearby local community.

The unit is fully charged for use.

It is located on the external side wall of the Clubhouse on the patio area opposite the Bridge Club/changing rooms building, in a heated secure yellow coloured cabinet.

There is a coded keypad lock on the external cabinet in which the defibrillator is stored, for security purposes.

The defibrillator – a Powerheart G5 AED – has also been registered and listed with the WMAS (the ambulance service), so should it ever be required when a ‘999’ call is made to them, the code to the cabinet will immediately be given, so that access to the defibrillator can be gained.

There is also a medical pouch in the external cabinet and that should also be taken, along with the defibrillator, to the patient as it contains scissors to cut away any clothing etc, and other items.

The defibrillator is fully automated.


The Defibrillator is now registered on the West Midlands Ambulance Service (WMAS) Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) system with its location at the Ground, as below:

Cabinet ID: 4567     (not the key pad access code)

Postcode: CV8 1FE

The Cabinet ID number and the Club’s postcode are clearly displayed on the outside of the cabinet. The WMAS will pass on the key pad code to access the actual defibrillator should it ever be needed when dialling ‘999’.

There is also a motion sensor light that has been installed above the cabinet, illuminating the immediate area in the hours of darkness.


The below link shows how this particular defibrillator works.


The more we all know how to use a defibrillator, the better the chance there is of saving a life. It is 4 minutes 48 seconds in length.

The link is:


The defibrillator has been installed as a tribute and in memory of Club Stalwart, Alan Davies, who devoted so much time to the Club, especially with the Groundwork and in the nets at the Club, along with his other roles at Leamington FC and its Youth Section, in particular, who very sadly and unexpectedly died last year.


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