The Planners have now formally submitted their outline Plans for the Housing Development in the two fields that surround the Club & Ground. 

The reference number is W/17/2150 on the Warwick District Council website for Planning Applications.

It is now open for public comment which will be considered by the Planning Authority.

It is noted that the Planners are now applying for some 2.5 storey high dwellings, some facing onto the Ground, instead of the 2 storey  ones AND that a children’s play area is now earmarked in the green space at ‘cow corner’, in addition to the ‘up to 135′ dwelling numbers, as opposed to the 100 unit density, as published in the Local Plan.

The Planners’ latest image of the development is below.

Members are encouraged to make comments on the below link (which will need to be registered with Council and become publicly available for the Planning Authority to consider.

The link to the Application is:


It is believed that the deadline for the Council to receive comments to consider and take into account for the Application is 22nd. December.

Please leave a constructive and valid comment on it that the Planning Authority can take into account when considering the outline Plans submitted and in particular on its housing density and any H & S concerns etc.

This will be your last chance to influence the future of the Housing Development at the outline phase of the Application.

KCC – W_17_2150-Drawing_No_02_Rev_E_-_Illustrative_Layout_Plan_1_1250-1068050

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