Novel fundraising for Myton Hospice

Who dropped a sitter?

Our first ” KCC Dropped a Sitter” money raising card in aid of Myton Hospice was drawn tonight (27.04.2018).

There are 30 boxes with various pre-printed Club Players’ names on and sponsors pay £2 to choose a name. 

The correct sponsor with the unlucky Club Player’s name wins £30 for themselves, whilst the other £30 made on the card is donated to the Hospice.

The unlucky  Club Player to become the inaugural “winner” of the ‘Dropped a Sitter’ title was none other than Geoff Edmunds!

The very lucky sponsor and winner of the £30 cash prize was Tony Sollis.

Thank you everyone for your support.

The fund raising cards will run throughout the season for members to participate with and to support Myton Hospice.

The second card is already in the process of being filled out.

Give it a go!

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