Website passes 100,000 views !!


Today (29.08.2018), this version of the website has now formally broken through the 100,000 views since going live in January 2014.




We trust that Members and those who have visited the website have found it of use and of interest, in some small way, and will continue to visit it and use it in the future.

The Club deservedly says a huge ‘THANK YOU’ and gives a ‘WELL DONE’ to those behind the scenes who set this version of the website up, currently maintain it, to those who have contributed to it and to those who make posts onto it for the benefit of all. A lot of time is committed and hard work goes into keeping this website functioning and updated by them.

This particular version of the website was under construction from late May 2013 until December 2013 when it was being tested and running in the background of the ‘old’ website before going ‘live’ in January 2014.

Since then the website pages have had the following annual views:

2014 – 24062 views
2015 – 24157 views
2016 – 21762 views
2017 – 17395 views *
2018 – 12013 views *

( * – the page counter somehow became disabled between the months of December 2017 and March 2018 – which when looking at previous years’ averages for the same period would have accounted for an additional 4575  page views).


Likewise, although the figures for 2018 (to date) maybe slightly lower than for previous years this is no doubt as a result of Club creating Twitter and Instagram accounts this year that have become increasingly popular with the ’younger’ generations as a means of ‘Social Media’ and those ‘apps’ are very well used to interact in and have hit around 7,000 a week impressions so far themselves and compliment this website and our Facebook page and Facebook group.


It is important for us, as a long established Club, in this modern age to have a website with such a means of communication with its Members, supporters and those interested in the Club to keep everyone up to date with news and events.

Please continue to visit the website and use it.

The Club thanks all those who have viewed this website. 

We are always looking at trying to keep pace with technology, as well as make improvements to the website.





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