First Phoenix 100 Club Social Event takes place

Phoenix 100 Club – April

The Phoenix 100 Club kicked off its season with its bi-annual get together that included a buffet and two drinks for its members who attended the event as part of their membership on Friday 27.04.2018.

Draws were also made for £100, £50 and £25 cash prizes.

The lucky numbers plucked from the Draw barrel by Paddy Clewer were:

£100 –   13 – Nick Wright

£  50 – 112 – Iain Harper

£  25 –   31 – Dennis Slater


Well done to George and Joan for doing the lovely buffet.

There will also be Draws made for the £25 prize every month whilst the second bi-annual get together will be held post season when similar Prize Draws will be made.

It costs only £20 a year to join the Phoenix 100 Club. If you are interested and fancy a punt,  send the Club an email using the email box at the top of this webpage.

You have to be “mad” not to be a member of it due to the benefits it offers!


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