I am afraid it is that time of year when the Club Subscriptions are due  for the 2017 season.

Members have been e-mailed individually.

There is some good news though. The subscriptions haven’t gone up for this season.

In fact, they haven’t changed since at least the 2014 season. So, that means it’s  4 seasons without any increases.

The Club shall be grateful if you can pay them by 1st. June.

They can be paid by  –

  1. BACS transfer using internet banking
  2. by cheque or
  3. by cash.


I will explain what to do for the method chosen.


The 2017 membership rates are:

Senior Playing Members                                                                              £75.00

Junior and (Full time) Student Playing Members                                   £40.00

Vice Presidents                                                                                               minimum £20 (includes VAT)

Phoenix 100 Club Members                                                                        £20.00

(100 Club was actually due 01.04.2017)


  1.               Payment by BACS transfer

Please transfer monies into the Club’s bank account:

Barclays Bank

Account name:             xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx   Sort Code:     XXXXXXXXXXXXX Account Number:         XXXXXXXXX

In the reference section, please use your name and what membership it is for, such as ‘A. Smith SPM’ or ‘A. Smith VP’.

If you are paying any Phoenix 100 Club subscription(s) as well, it will be easier for the Treasurer if  you can make a separate transfer so the Club Subs and the 100 Club subs can be more easily distinguished and use your name  and membership in the reference box such as ‘A. Smith 100 Club’. If not and you are paying both subs together use a reference such as   ‘A. Smith SPM & 100’ etc.


2.           Payment by Cheque

Please make your cheque payable to ‘Kenilworth Cricket Club’ and on its reverse indicate what membership(s) it is for.

Either, send it in the post to me to:

7 Forge Road




Or,  leave it at the Club for me with details of the membership(s) on its reverse, so it can be put in the till.


  1.                  Cash

Either give it to me personally or leave it down the Club in an envelope addressed for my attention with your name and what Membership(s) it is for and the envelope will be put in the till for me, if I am not there.


Should anyone experience any difficulties in paying or wish to pay in instalments, please contact either Geoff Edmunds or Jonathan Cousins directly to discuss and arrange suitable payments.


Phoenix 100 Club

For those who are already members of the Phoenix 100 Club or would like to join (or your partner as you don’t have to be a Player or VP), the first Social event of the year at the clubhouse will be Friday 05.05.2017, commencing at 8.00 p.m. when there will be a cold buffet and two free drinks as part of your Phoenix 100 Club membership with Draws being made for £100, £50 and £25 cash prizes.


Kind Regards

Andy Smith

Hon. Secretary

Kenilworth Cricket Club


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