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Housing Development update

Not this month!


I have checked the Warwick District Council’s Planning Committee website today (08.07.2019). The Agenda for next Tuesday’s meeting (16.07.2019) has now been published for planning applications.

Bovis’ two applications for the initial 7 dwellings (W/19/0322) and the Reserved Matters application for the overall development for up to 125 dwellings (W/19/0784) for our neighbouring fields are NOT on this month’s Agenda, so there will be no decision made.

The Club has submitted ‘neutral’ responses in respect of both applications but will be seeking specific conditions to be imposed on them, as we all accept that the fields will be developed for housing.

The next meeting of the Planning Committee is due to be held on Tuesday 13.08.2019.

I shall represent you and on the Club’s behalf at it, should I feel it is needed and will be of benefit to the Club so as to try to protect our interests for the future. Yet, it is still anticipated, that construction will commence in September.

I will also keep you all updated of matters regarding the Housing Development.


Andy Smith, Hon. Secretary.



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