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As the season comes to an end ……………..

Housing Development – September 2019 update


As the 2019 season has now finally ended, for those who have not been down to the Club in the past two weeks, the building work has now started in the Southern Field adjoining our beloved Ground, following clearance of the vegetation there. By the time the season starts again in April 2020, the area will undoubtedly be transformed further and forever with new neighbours.

Footings and brick work have started to be laid for the first 7 dwellings nearest to the Warwick Road side.

The Eastern Field is also being cleared of vegetation and levelled in preparation of further building work starting, in due course.

Members will be kept updated as to its progress over the winter months, mainly with posts being made onto Social Media and in particular on our Facebook page and Facebook Group – which are both in the club’s name, as well as by email or by posts on here if there is anything major that members should be made aware of, such as news of the paladin security fencing, of the ball stop netting that awaits installation, piping and the dismantling of the disused stable block that adjoins our car parking area.

The Reserved Matters/full planning application for the remainder of the (up to!) 118 dwellings has yet to be heard by the Warwick District Council’s Planning Committee (application reference numbers W/17/2150 and W/19/0784) for final permissions and discharge of any conditions.

Documents associated with the development can be found on the Council Planning portal under the above numbers and also under W/19/0322 (which is the one for the 7 dwellings currently being built).

Liaison continues with Bovis Homes over numerous matters by the Club and by its independent Chartered Surveyor that we have engaged.

Last week’s image of the commencement of the dwelling nearest to the Ground is below:




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