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The Club Chairman and ‘Mr. KCC’, Geoff Edmunds, received the Walter Whiteman Clubman of the Year award for 2019 at tonight’s AGM from the Club Secretary, Andy Smith, much to his surprise.

The Walter Whiteman Clubman of the Year award was introduced in 1984 – 36 years ago – by the General Management Committee (GMC) in memory of Club Stalwart, Walter Whiteman  who had recently died. The aim is to acknowledge those non playing members who have assisted the Club in the past year, but it did not exclude playing members. It was normal for the selection to be made by the GMC as the other awards tended to be made by the Selection Committee for the players but like many aspects this had changed over the years and it soon became the Chairman’s sole decision to award it.

Jack Parkinson was the first to be awarded it, whilst Geoff first received it in 1985, who at the time – 35 years ago – was already heavily involved with the groundwork and square preparation at the Club and had been for some years, whilst playing League cricket for Clubs in the Birmingham League and also Minor Counties cricket for Shropshire before he returning to play all his cricket here.

Usually, Geoff, never one for the limelight, decides who the recipient of the award will be ………. but this year the GMC turned tables on him, to his total surprise and took control of the award unbeknown to him and presented it to him, on behalf of the Club, instead of Geoff always awarding it to others.

Geoff is certainly “Mr. KCC” with everything that he does at the Club and all the many hats he wears and doing so many other roles around the Club to keep it functioning.

His commitment is remarkable.

He has also just been re-elected Club Chairman and embarks in that role for 27th. consecutive year.

WELL DONE and THANK YOU for everything you do, Geoff. Most deserved.


Image: A very surprised Geoff receives the Walter Whiteman Clubman of the Year award from the Hon. Secretary, on behalf of the Club and the GMC.


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