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Benches get a coat of varnish

Bench work continues

After many years and so to have a new lease of life, seven of the Memorial Benches around the Ground have been sanded down by Ed Smith and Tom Booker after they had been jet washed down by Andrew Baines. Thanks go to them for that and for their time and commitment.

The second leg of the project is now underway with the benches having their first coats of clear varnish. So far, 5 and a half benches have been varnished with their first coat (……… until the varnish ran out! More is now on order). A second coat will be required, in due course, over the next couple of weeks. The benches in the image still show the fire damage from 14 years ago on their backs. However, the fronts will look much better when the project is finally completed. Promise!

Thanks go to members, Howard Wisdish and Mercer Mottram, for volunteering and helping out with the varnishing. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.




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