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Passing of a Club Stalwart and Life Member

Peter Plummer

It is with sadness and regret that the family of Life member, Peter Plummer, informed the Club of his death yesterday (09.07.2020), aged 89 years.

The below has been written about ‘Plum’ by Gordon Went, the Club President:



                                                                             PETER PLUMMER

This Week saw the death of another old player. Affectionately known as ‘Plum’ by all his friends, he was arguably our most popular player of the 1960’s/70’s era. Mention his name to anyone who knew him and it’s sure to bring a smile as they recall some incident or other which involved him.

Plum’s demeanour with his rather rotund frame and ‘pebble glass ‘ spectacles, always well dressed and that ‘public school manner’ look hid a character with a wicked sense of fun, which made his company so enjoyable. His look of innocence allowed him to get away with many outrageous incidents, and all through this period he created mayhem at the Rugby and Cricket Club’s to virtually everyone’s enjoyment. Apart from cricket and Rugby, he also had a passion for classic cars and opera. Plum was a ‘class act’ and generous with his praise and wallet to others.

One of his favourite tricks was to drink a pint whilst standing on his head, and I can recall whilst on tour, him asking a Pub landlord for a hot bowl of water, and Plum just sat there as if it was the most natural thing in the world drinking his beer and chatting, whilst bathing his feet.

Plum wasn’t a particularly an outstanding player. He played mainly in the 2nd. team, and whilst he always looked the part with a flamboyant batting style he seemed to play down the wrong line quite a lot. His left arm spin bowling also included a rather balletic style delivery –  it looked good but didn’t seem to bring him a lot of wickets.

After the fire in 1975, Plum really showed his true metal, he singlehandedly took charge of an ambitious rebuild and inspired a number of us all to work all hours to complete the task. He designed and installed a central heating and shower arrangement, (Plum was a Heating engineer for Spirax Sarco), and built the pine tables and seating benches for the new tea room. We were called ‘Botch Brothers’.

He was Chairman of the Club in 1965 and 1966, later he became a Honorary Life Vice President (a Life Member) for all his work at the Club. He later moved to Emsworth in Hampshire, where typically he bought two Fisherman Cottages and turned them into a substantial and impressive dwelling, on the water’s edge, and called it ‘The Winkle Shed’. The actor, Albert Finney, later became his next door neighbour.

Plum lost his devoted wife Elizabeth some years ago and had been in poor health for some time, but with the help of his son Martin, also a member, he managed to attend our ‘Old Players Lunch’ much to everyone’s pleasure and many a story was re-told with much merriment and amusement.

Plum’s type of character seems to be missing from our current game and many of us old players feel sorry that the present players can’t experience this aspect of ‘our game’, which made playing and partying so enjoyable.

RIP Plum. We will miss you.


Gordon Went, Club President.


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