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September’s Phoenix 100 Club Draw

And the lucky numbers drawn are……..


September’s Phoenix 100 Club Monthly draw was made today which I self-videoed (not that I will win an Oscar for it!) and has been posted onto the Club’s Facebook Members page which can be viewed by following the below link, for those who do not use Social Media: 
As we have sadly not had a social event so far this year where the bi-annual draw is usually made in the first half of the 100 Club year, the September Draw was made for the £100, £50 and £30 prizes instead.
The lucky numbers plucked out of the barrel by my digits, were as follows: Well done to them!
£100 – 43 – Alan Pearson
£50    – 55 – Judy Wood
£30    – 26 – Jeff Stanners
As we have yet to hold a Social Event this year, the complimentary drink will be rolled over to the next event (whenever, it can take place). If our Winter’s Social Event does not take place due to the current restrictions, (which seems very likely due to the recent change in them for the next 6 months), then that complimentary drink will also be rolled over to the next event, too, as well.
I will consider making the second bi-annual draw for our year in the week before Xmas as an early Xmas present to three lucky people. So, at our next event and get together there will be at least two, maybe three complimentary drinks for you, should you attend it, at least as part of your Phoenix 100 Club membership. Watch this space!
Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS, on the lucky winners on having their numbers plucked out of the barrel in this month’s draw and for your continued support of the Phoenix 100 Club.

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