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A most fitting and relevant article

The 2020 season


We know we have a club full for amazing volunteers who put in hours and hours and those ‘behind the scenes’ who are rarely appreciated, nor even known about, so we can all enjoy the game, be it playing, watching or drinking!
“And so, my heroes of the summer are all those who gave us the chance to play our game.
Every member of every committee that worked tirelessly to keep their club going through lockdown.
Each groundsman who sat on his roller, preparing wickets for a season he couldn’t be sure would ever come.
League officials who put in place several scenarios and planned for each eventuality.
Umpires who, given what we know of this virus, might have been forgiven for opting out.
All those who missed out as they shielded in line with government advice, watching on from afar with envy and admirable restraint.
ECB executives, who railed against government statements, often contradictory and directly from the mouth of the Prime Minister.
Junior coaches who packed entire campaigns into August, desperate to ensure their youngsters didn’t miss out; everyone who had a part to play.”
THANKS GO to ALL of our Club Volunteers. You know who you are.

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