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Phoenix 100 Club December draw

And the lucky winners drawn are …………


The second bi-annual Draw of the year was made on 19.12.2020 for the £100, £50 and £30 prizes.

The three lucky people to have their numbers plucked from the barrel were:


£100 – 17 – Hannah Edmunds

£50   –   1 – Angela Ashley (whose birthday it just happened to be, too – HB!)

£30   – 31 – Phil Morris




Thanks to all Phoenix 100 Club members for your continued support of it. It does raise vital sums for the Club and there a a few lucky winners.

Since we have been unable to hold our two social events this year with a complimentary drink, for those who renew their subscription in April when the next 100 Club year begins, then those drinks will be rolled over. Hopefully, by then we can hold an event, which means the next one will see Members entitled to three drinks. Fingers crossed, we can.

There are three more £30 Draws due for the months of January, February and March.

In the meantime, stay safe and take care.

A Virtual video of the Draw can be seen on the following Facebook link:



Wishing you a MERRY ‘little’ CHRISTMASK !!!

What a year this has been!


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