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The Planners have now formally submitted their outline Plans for the Housing Development in the two fields that surround the Club & Ground. 

The reference number is W/17/2150 on the Warwick District Council website for Planning Applications.

It is now open for public comment which will be considered by the Planning Authority.

It is noted that the Planners are now applying for some 2.5 storey high dwellings, some facing onto the Ground, instead of the 2 storey  ones AND that a children’s play area is now earmarked in the green space at ‘cow corner’, in addition to the ‘up to 135′ dwelling numbers, as opposed to the 100 unit density, as published in the Local Plan.

The Planners’ latest image of the development is below.

Members are encouraged to make comments on the below link (which will need to be registered with Council and become publicly available for the Planning Authority to consider.

The link to the Application is:

It is believed that the deadline for the Council to receive comments to consider and take into account for the Application is 22nd. December.

Please leave a constructive and valid comment on it that the Planning Authority can take into account when considering the outline Plans submitted and in particular on its housing density and any H & S concerns etc.

This will be your last chance to influence the future of the Housing Development at the outline phase of the Application.

KCC – W_17_2150-Drawing_No_02_Rev_E_-_Illustrative_Layout_Plan_1_1250-1068050



The front page headlines of this week’s Kenilworth Weekly News publicise changes ahead for the Club, with the impending Housing Development in the two fields surrounding the Ground following their initial report.

100 homes were originally designated in the Local Plan but 135 dwellings have now been submitted to Warwick District Council’s Planning Committee by the Planners and Developers for outline approval.

We have to accept that the Housing Development WILL happen soon but Health & Safety is paramount for all our new impending neighbours.

The full article can be found on the Kenilworth Weekly News website


Club moves into the 21st century on Social Media


For those of you who may have an account and use Twitter (and know how to use it and follow on it), the Club has moved into 21st century today and now has an official Twitter account that has been created.

It is @Kenilworth_CC.

Please consider following it. It is expected to be used greatly next season by the sides to post updates of matches.

Beware of impersonations!


Housing Development Plans have been submitted by the Planners

Housing Development Plans submitted this week

To keep everyone updated, the Housing Development Plans for dwellings to be built on the two fields that surround our Ground have been formally submitted by the Planners to the Planning Authority.

The Club has formed a Housing Development Sub-Committee that has  met and  met with the Planners, Richborough Estates,  since our introductory meeting and  Presentation at the Club  to Members.

The Club wishes to assures the Membership it is working hard to protect the best interests of the Club and its Membership  over the proposed development and will continue to do so.

An article has been published in the Kenilworth Weekly News today (15th November) regarding the planning application being submitted which can be accessed via their website or on the link below:

It is a sad day for the Club but one we knew that was coming once the Local Plan was passed and published by the District Council, whose hands have also been tied by National Policies.

We, as a Club,  must work with the Planners to try to get the best out of a bad deal that will blight the Club’s aspect forever and try to remain positive. The Club will for its Membership and for those who use our fine facilities.


Down memory lane!

The Ground in 1975

A view of the Ground from May 1975. How the view and the fields have changed over the years.